3d scanning on your iPhone.

Are you a developer and interested in building 3d scanning, analysis or design into your app? Coming soon: Sign Up

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A 3D scanner will be in 100M pockets this year. Standard Cyborg enables you to unlock 3D scanning.

Bring the real world into your applications

We make it easy to interact with the physical world.


Use TrueDepth and Android equivalents to easily capture the most accurate 3D scans of feet, faces, or whatever you can point the camera at.


Auto-segment, dimension, and analyze your scans with machine learning. Recommend the right size to your customers every time.


Build and run 3D workflows to automate design processes. Dramatically increase cost efficiency of custom fit products.

Make it real in the virtual world, and physical world.

3D Viewers

Integrate 3D into your apps instantly. Your scans and designs are ready for easy embed or export.


We make it really easy to put your designs and analyses back into an AR or VR session.

Digital Manufacturing

We have the expertise and partners to help you set up a turnkey digital design and manufacturing supply chain. Don't reinvent the wheel.

Made for developers first


Drop in our iOS SDK and API tokens to start scanning. Use our stock UI or implement your own.

Geometry Engine

Use our mesh processing framework to build 3D workflows and run them from anywhere. Incorporate human-in-the-loop actions for complex tasks or QA.


Auto-scale your workflows. Sync data with your ERP, CRM, and other business systems.

What will you make?

Only bounded by your imagination


Onboard the physical world into your digital applications.

  • Education
  • AR/VR
  • Games
  • Digital Avatars
  • Mold Scanning

Scan +

Inspect the physical world for length, circumference, surface area, volume, and nearly anything you can think of.

  • Medical Analysis
  • Shoe Sizing
  • Helmet Sizing
  • Eyewear Fitting
  • Apparel Sizing
  • Fitness Tracking

Scan +
Analyze +

Generate geometry to fit perfectly onto a real human or into the real world. Enable mass customized design and production.

  • Custom Insoles
  • Custom Glasses
  • Custom Sports Equipment
  • Custom Medical Bracing
  • Bespoke Gaming Assets
  • Prosthetics
  • Orthotics