Forward Deployed Engineer

San Francisco, Engineering, Full-time

Standard Cyborg is adding to our team of people who are passionate about multiplying the potential of the real world. We enable teams to build, test, and deploy perception applications by giving them a workspace and set of tools to quickly and seamlessly capture, interact with, and better understand spatial data. If you want to work at a company who is building a fundamental layer of tools to enable a better future, welcome to Standard Cyborg.

What you’ll do

Our customers - ranging from large publicly traded companies to seed-stage startups - build applications using our platform and tools to solve their previously impossible problems.

As our first Forward Deployed Engineer, you will be working with our customers to build, test, and deploy perception applications using our platform and tools. An ideal candidate has the capacity of understanding from the high-level business problem down to the lines of code you need to solve it, paired with the interpersonal and communication skills to successfully manage customer relationships.

Role’s primary mission:

You will create and deploy a scalable playbook for customer onboarding and implementation, dogfooding the documentation, tools, and processes that we need to implement unique customer solutions quickly in order to make the company a massive success.

We’re looking for:

  • ‘Technical decomp.’ Ability to take a high-level business problem, ‘decompose’ or break it down, form an independent opinion on what’s best, and design a solution. This person needs to be capable of understanding from the high-level business problem down to the lines of code you need to solve it.
  • Autonomous and resourceful - can take existing Standard Cyborg tools, acknowledge gaps and work independently and with core product team to fill those gaps with custom solutions.
  • Organized and collaborative - able to wrangle internal and external stakeholders with clear set of to-dos and timelines in order to quickly make project progress.
  • Innovative: Seeks to make process improvements to make their role and the team more efficient going forward.
  • User empathy - intense desire (and ability) to understand customer’s business strategy, skillsets, capabilities, and unnamed or unarticulated needs.

Working style:

  • Can take broad requirements and timelines for the product, define and refine them, and drive them to completion.
  • Cares deeply about the craft and quality of what you build and hold yourself to intrinsic standards.
  • Is motivated by impact. Strives to solve problems that make a real impact for our customers beyond technical novelty.
  • Has strong fundamental IQ/EQ with a track record of high quality work, and a passion for learning.

Skills required*:

  • Basic understanding of and ability to use C++ for algorithm development (algorithms written in C++ are deployable to edge devices and to our cloud)
  • Basic familiarity with Swift and Objective C
  • Ability to have more ownership over other parts of the solution stack very helpful but not required: e.g. Computer Vision, 2D/3D ML, mobile

Standard Cyborg is a close-knit team motivated by curiosity and a passion for meeting meaningful, real-world needs. We solve some of the hardest and most central problems in computer vision infrastructure so our customers can build amazing things faster. Our team is original, humble, and enthusiastic - ready to spend the next several years advancing the state of the art in productized machine perception.


  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits
  • Daily catered lunches and snacks
  • Culture of learning and development with monthly learning budget

Our hiring practices

*You are encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description. At Standard Cyborg, we welcome diverse perspectives and people who think rigorously and aren't afraid to challenge assumptions. We’re playing the long game - we care more about your slope than your y-intercept.

Standard Cyborg is an equal opportunity workplace. We are dedicated to equal employment opportunities regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national orientation, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.

About Standard Cyborg

The computer vision tools of yesterday were fragmented, incomplete, and inaccessible to nearly all developers. Standard Cyborg is founded on the belief that computer vision should be accessible to all and that there is immense potential to be unlocked by bridging the gap between bits and atoms.

Hackers, students, startups and large companies use our tools to design, test, run and scale computer vision applications such as: designing post-mastectomy bra inlays, capturing faces for custom eyewear, scanning parts for documentation in factories, measuring feet for shoe sizing, and much, much more.

Simply put, we solve some of the hardest and most central problems in computer vision infrastructure so our customers can build amazing things faster.

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