3D reconstruction

Building a 3D model using multiple pieces of partial information about the subject. Also known as 3D fusion (e.g. StandardCyborgFusion).

3D scan

The result of a 3D reconstruction, e.g. a reconstructed 3D model

SLAM: Simultaneous Location and Mapping

Building a map or model of an unknown scene or subject while simultaneously keeping track of your position within that environment. StandardCyborgFusion performs SLAM as part of its reconstruction algorithms.

Depth frame

A snapshot in time of depth values from a sensor, arranged in a 2D grid, like an RGB camera frame. The depth values are the distance, in meters, from the device to the subject.

Point cloud

An unordered array of points in 3D. Each point has an XYZ position, a color, a normal (which is a vector indicating the point’s orientation), and other information.


A collection of triangles

3D file formats supported by Standard Cyborg


Stanford’s PoLYgon file format for 3D data. Standard Cyborg uses this as the primary interchange format for 3D scans. May be ASCII or binary.


A geometry definition file format developed by Wavefront Technologies. May be ASCII or binary.


Developed by Pixar originally, now promoted by Apple as sort of a PDF for 3D + AR data. This format is very feature rich, but also very complex.