Use Cases
Unlock new possibilities with new technology

Product Selection

Ecommerce, Retail

Help customers know their size, fit, and configuration before they order.

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Product Customization

Biometric- or Environment-based custom configurations + fully custom products

Auto-configure off-the-shelf components in unique SKUs to match customer or environment measurements or auto-generate custom designs that match the exact curves, angles, and volumes of a 3D scan.

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Digital Measurements

Freight + Logistics, Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture

Empower a distributed team with low-cost hardware to dimension objects in real-time.

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Volumetric Media (AR/VR)

Digital avatars, Virtual try-on, object scanning for digital asset creation

Scan people for digital avatar creation, rig and anchor objects for virtual try-on (real-time or on a rendered 3D model), and scan assets for trainings and communication through VR or AR headsets.

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