Digital Measurements
Empower a distributed team with low-cost hardware to dimension objects in real-time.
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The Problem
Quickly dimensioning objects or spaces through photogrammetry or using solutions like ARKit may not output point clouds with the stability and resolution required. When determining how best to pack a truck with boxes or dimensional stability for parts off a manufacturing line, you’re often left with few options that are fast, distributed, accurate, and affordable.
The Solution
Standard Cyborg offers the ability to widely distribute accurate scanning to your workforce with the hardware they may already have in their pocket. Classify, segment, and dimension objects to provide manufacturing or logistics feedback in real time.



Scan enables your distributed team to capture high-resolution scans and Sense auto-completes, classifies, and labels the scans so you can automatically pull measurements or calculate volumes.

More informed future product designs

Connect stores your proprietary database of scans, and Sense gives you the tools and infrastructure to re-train and improve your classification and segmentation models.

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