Product Customization

Auto-configure off-the-shelf components in unique SKUs to match measurements or auto-generate custom designs that match the exact curves, angles, and volume of a 3D scan.

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The Problem
The prospect of custom-made products is mesmerizing and the benefits are often obvious - perfect fit + crafted experience. Yet, in order to capture the requisite data for an environment (e.g. furniture) or for a person (e.g. earbuds or eyewear), consumers have had to use unwieldy photogrammetry techniques that often require known objects for scale (credit cards, soda cans, sheets of paper) or have had to use inaccessible, centralized, and expensive scanning setups. These result in scans of limited accuracy and consumer experiences that are painful, time-consuming, and frustrating.
The Solution
Standard Cyborg offers democratized, decentralized scanning. Now, anyone can capture high-resolution, accurate 3D scans from anywhere. With Standard Cyborg, you’re finally able to easily reach millions of customers with your custom product.


Best fit

Scan enables your consumers to capture high-resolution scans and Sense auto-completes + labels the scans so they are ready for custom design workflows.

Design Process Improvement

Connect stores your proprietary database of scans, and enables you to track design outputs longitudinally.

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