Product Selection
Help customers know their size, fit, and configuration before they order.
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The Problem
Without the opportunity for consumers to try products on in-store (and even then, the complication of stocking extensive inventory), customers routinely lack the confidence to complete an order online. Many customers ultimately order products that don’t fit; degrading brand satisfaction and requiring expensive returns.
The Solution
Standard Cyborg enables consumers to get a digital guideshop experience - a one-on-one, customized fitting experience, all from your app. Higher consumer confidence in fit means lower barrier to purchase online (increased conversions) and higher likelihood that they purchase the correct size and style, meaning reduced returns + associated logistics costs.


Better fit

Scan enables your consumers to capture high-resolution scans and Sense auto-compares the scan to your product catalog for better fit recommendations.

More informed future product designs

Connect stores your proprietary database of scans, which can be used to steer and anchor future product design decisions.

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