Volumetric Media

Scan people for digital avatar creation, rig and anchor objects for virtual try-on, and scan in assets for trainings and communication through VR or AR headsets.

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The Problem
Generating avatars for digital worlds is often a difficult or constrained process (e.g. only ear-to-ear data with FaceID) and capturing 3D data for other content - environmental objects, products, or rooms - with any sort of accuracy and repeatability is difficult if only using ARKit or its equivalents.
The Solution
Standard Cyborg offers decentralized scanning and easy-to-implement ML training & modeling (classification & segmentation) solutions. Now, anyone can capture scan data and have it automatically understood and labeled. Then, convert those scans to your desired file format and use in any VR or AR environment. Or, if you want, attach pre-rendered models to the newly labeled keypoints for real-time, AR virtual try-on.


Accessible Content Creation

Scan enables your consumers to capture high-resolution scans and Sense auto-completes + labels the scans so they are ready to add to your environment.

Simple File Conversion

Connect stores your proprietary database of scans and allows you to export the files in a variety of desired file formats.

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